Abiel understands property consumer needs

We look at properties as more than just financial numbers. To us, property is an Art, and we translate this Art into developing properties that consumers desire.

The desirable properties that we consistently develop results in delivering massive returns for stakeholders.

Abiel Mission

Abiel Purpose

Foster trusting relationship:

  • Investors who believe in what we do
  • Best team member aka family to flourish their talent
  • Add value to End user through great property offerings
planning on floor

It’s the Numbers that counts

Leading Property Management Team with Highest Yield Generaltion

Best in Operating Models with high investment return

  • GOP of 70%+
  • More than one operating models hence diversified in our strategies
  • Low cost operating model
  • Dedicated internal property management team

20 years combined experience

Wide investment network across both Australia and Singapore

$100m Committed Asset Under Management (AUM) to start off with

A track record of outperformance

Our Philosophy

Abiel’s investment strategy is always consistent albeit over different property asset class.   

We buy undervalue assets, we fixed it via our investment methodology and then we sell it. 

Abiel’s Track Record Over The Years