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Real Estate VCC Fund

Real Estate VCC Fund | A Singapore Variable Company (“VCC”) is a new legal entity form / structure for all types of investment funds in Singapore constituted under the Variable Capital Companies Act.

Abiel Real Estate VCC Fund

Abiel VCC Fund was set up in July 2020 and it is the No. 84 VCC in Singapore. With the VCC Structure, Abiel provides a reliable and safe structure for foreign investors to purchase Singapore commercial properties. At the same time, investors can gain access to Abiel’s professional Asset Management team to manage their property investments for them, leaving out the hassle usually attached to properties. Foreign investors who use our platform can potentially benefit from:


A Stable and Forward-Looking Investment Framework and Regulatory Regime

which is managed by a fund manager governed by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). So investors can grow their wealth with a peace of mind.


Broad and Flexible Capital Structure

where an umbrella VCC allows the setting up of multiple sub-funds for dedicated property investments.


Asset and Fund Segregation

across different sub-funds / projects. This means a much neater & clearer structure.


Privacy of Identity

Enjoy the privacy of a foreign investor’s identity to the public. You are protected from easily accessible investor information, which is typical of a usual company structure.


Operational and Tax Efficiency

with GST remission, tax exemption and incentive schemes. Cost savings means more profits for investors.


Investment Opportunities

If you are:
- a real estate investor
- keen to grow your wealth through real estate
- have additional funds that you're unsure where to grow them We'll be happy to explore how you can journey with us on this search for greater opportunities.


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